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Goldman, Imani & Goldberg, Inc. is one of the leading commercial debt recovery firms in the country. Our success is due to our unique, nationwide network of over 10,000 investigators that are licensed, credit-trained, fully bonded and insured.

We have proven over and over again that our ability to offer face-to-face contact with a debtor, plus our expert Asset and Liability Searches assures rapid debt recovery. Most accounts are reconciled within 5 days. We are sure you can see how much this saves you in time, attorney fees and just general aggravation. Obviously, the sooner you place accounts with us, the sooner you will recover what is owed to you. As we discussed, the best method of testing our ability is to let us go to work for you on a trial basis. We are confident that results Goldman, Imani & Goldberg, Inc. will more than equal your present system.


Goldman, Imani and Goldberg, Inc. has one of the highest recovery ratios in the industry.

Goldman, Imani and Goldberg, Inc. can provide face-to-face visits with your customers.

A nationwide network of private investigators, perform complete asset and liability investigations on the debtor companies. This service is provided at no cost to our clients.

Goldman, Imani and Goldberg, Inc.

No long- term contracts required.

Access to an international network of bonded collection attorneys.

A Full range of related financial and managerial services to increase cash flow.

Tailored collection solutions. Depending on what you desire, the intensity of our pursuit can vary from an in-house auditor approach to litigation through local counsel.

Written status reports are provided on a monthly basis. Verbal status reports on debtor companies can be obtained immediately upon request.

New Account Priority insures that accounts are worked the same day as placement.

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